In Store Digital Signage


Murray Gibbs & Alexander Hughes
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In-store digital signage is proving to be the most cost effective way to engage with customers at point of sale.  Research has shown an increase in sales of 41% is common in stores that employ effective and responsive in-store digital signage.

Digital signage quietly works in your shop front and in-store showcasing your products, informing your customers, advertising your specials and increasing brand awareness in a seamless, affordable manner using cutting edge cloud based technology.

Send us your slides for quick deployment of new content. New slides and changes become available the day after upload.

How it Works


We will procure, install and setup all the hardware for you.  An internet connection is required.  If you do not have one, we can set that up too.

Your content is uploaded via the internet to your, unique space. Send us the slides and we will do it for you.

Once uploaded, the slide “playlist” is downloaded and displayed to your site and displayed continuously for however long is appropriate for you.