Now, this is the best Part!

If you think about it, software should be a Service, rather than a Capital Investment. In the industry, this concept has become known a “SaaS” or Software-as-a-Service

With CustomSoft CloudApps, all the development, setup and maintenance costs are covered by a single, affordable, monthly SaaS cost. Not unlike a cell-phone contract.

Purchased systems soon become legacy systems, which become increasingly harder and more costly to maintain. Purchased systems usually attach ever increasing monthly license fees, support costs, IT infrastructure costs. Once purchased, there is no going back, no recourse.

SaaS is fast becoming the norm in the IT industry and for good reason. Expenditure on SaaS solutions has risen globally from US$5.5B in 2008 to US$92.75B in 2016. By 2020 it is estimated to be US$132.57B. (source,

At CustomSoft we are big supporters of SaaS.

SaaS CloudApps do away with all the problems of Legacy Systems in a single stroke, while keeping all benefits of an in-house, bespoke, Cloud-based software that automates trivial and repetitive tasks.

The SaaS model comes with a number of other, hidden benefits: