*What is a CloudApp?

The Idea to Profit from automating processes as quickly, easily and cost effectively as possible. Small innovations that produce great results.

The CustomSoft CloudApp

CustomSoft CloudApps are small, purpose-built, targeted, single-purpose internet delivered applications that operate as in-house desktop solutions that can be used on any device, anywhere, as long as there is an internet connection.

CustomSoft CloudApps do one thing, and do it well. They are specific, effective, quick to develop, inexpensive and frictionless to implement. They can be a long-term solutions or even temporary and disposable.

CustomSoft CloudApps are infinitely scalable. Diverse and related CustomSoft CloadApp solutions can simply be bolted together, integrated or expanded as needed. They are also able to interact with a huge array of on-line and desktop software.

Being bespoke, quick to and frictionless to implement and use, CustomSoft CloudApps are hugely effective. (Check out our story in our CloudApp Chronicals). The approach of doing one thing, well has proved to be a brilliant and sustainable approach. The scope for re-imagining and revolutionising business process are endless.

A CustomSoft CloudApp is NOT ...

A Web Site, Social Media or Backups

It is ..

  • NOT on the general Internet or public-facing
  • NOT Social Media or mass consumption
  • NOT concerned with Advertising or ‘Cool’
  • NOT concerned with ‘Content’, ‘Media’, SEO or ‘Creative’
  • NOT about Funky hair-styles or bald guys in red glasses

... nor is it ...

A Phone or Tablet App

There are ...

  • NO Downloads or constant updates
  • NO App Stores, Andriod Store or any other store
  • NO Device or platform restrictions. Only a working internet connection and browser required
  • NO “one-size-fits-all” software. Each one is bespoke

... but IS ...

The Best Business System implementation method yet devised

  • Private and bespoke Business systems
  • Access on any device, on any platform, from anywhere in the World. All that is needed is browser and working internet connection
  • Individually developed to cater for country and company needs
  • Quick to develop and deploy. They do one and do it well!
  • Frictionless to use
  • Endlessly scalable
  • Affordable! Even for small enterprises. Please check out our pricing page

Let us start a conversation....

You know your industry, your profession, your pain-points, your problems and what opportunities there are. You know how a CloudApp can help you. You know how a CloudApp could make you money, save you money, modernise your work-flow and just make everything better.

Drop us line. Make contact. There is not hard-sell or gimmicks with CustomSoft. Just solid professionalism. Reach out by voice, email or contact form and let us explore our options together.

Telephone : +27 (0) 11 475 4717
Mobile : +27 (0) 81 060 9245
e-mail : alex@customsoftuk.com

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Please contact us directly by e-mail or phone.

About us

Meet Alexander Hughes, programmer and creator of quality software since 1980.

In 2000, tiring of being an IT corporate drone, he decided to do something completely different and bought into the PostNet franchise, becoming the proud (and sometimes bemused) owner and manager of the PostNet store in Northgate in Randburg.

It was there that he wrote and implemented his first CloudApp, a Courier rate calculator that probably saved the business something like 30% in it’s courier revenue that was being lost on staff quoting mistakes.

This was no mean achievement as he started off knowing very little about web-development, python, servers and even that it could be called a CloudApp. The innovation worked, though, and worked well. So well, in fact, that the Franchisor discovered it and bought it for use in their burgeoning network of (then) more than 290 stores across the country. It runs today, along with another dozen or so other CloudApps, throughout a network of over 340 stores in South Africa.

Emboldened, Alexander tried his hand in making a living in the very different market and social conditions of the United Kingdom, where he learned a lot. Not only about himself and how bus time-tables work, but also about web development frameworks, Python as a web development language, Linux, servers and DevOps – and just how dreadful Windows really is.

It was in this heady environment that the CloudApp concept was refined and polished. On his return to South Africa, Alex re-approached his old business partners at PostNet SA with his radical ideas about CloudApps. Together, they have completely revitalised operations throughout the group, one CloudApp, one business function at a time.

From this was proven that the CloudApp concept really, really works. All the end-user needs is a device and an internet connection and it works brilliantly. (Even if the device is running Windows). All the company requires is an opportunity, a need, ‘pain-point’, a business problem.

Identifying and tackling each function, each issue, as an independent CloudApp is the key to preventing "bloat", otherwise known as "Death by a 1000 Features" which kills so many well-meaning development projects.

Contact Alex today, simply to enquire about something or explore any thoughts you may have. He is a nice guy, he is not going to push you into anything or be a nuisance. The innovative CloudApp concept is so effective, so good, that there is probably not a business or enterprise alive that would not benefit.